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Favourite Class Set-Ups
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Joined: 17th Mar 2012
Rank: Playstation
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14th Dec 2013

Good to see how varied we are in our class set-ups and why we like using certain ones:

AK12 w/ Silencer + Extended Mags

(2) Sleight of Hand ( AK12 reloads slowly )
(2) Focus ( Hate being flinched in this game )
(2) Dead Silence ( Hate being sound whored and hearing my own footsteps, puts me off )
(2) Scavenger ( Need ammo for those high streaks )
(3) Stalker ( A must on AR's, being able to move when aiming is a big plus )


(4) Off The Grid ( People spam Sat Coms so easy choice )
(7) Sit Rep ( Always get killed my IED's, worst thing in this game so forced to run this )
(10) Hardline ( KEM's are now 24 kills and 2 assists count as a kill, really beneficial )

Specialist Bonus (11 kills )

(1) Ready Up ( I run alot so bringing my gun up faster afterwards is helpful )
(1) Takedown ( Kill enemies and the skull doesn't appear for teammates, good for staying hidden on high streaks )
(2) ICU ( Recovering quicker on high streaks is really helpful if you get into a bad spot )
(2) Ping (Killing an enemy will show any enemies nearby that don't have Off The Grid, really good for knowing where others are )
(2) Amplify ( Probably the most powerful perk in the game, hear your enemies footsteps really loud so you can tell where they are coming from. Combined with Dead Silence this is an unbeatable combo )
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Joined: 17th Mar 2012
Rank: Playstation
Likes 39
24th Jan 2014

KEM Strike #2

Vepr w/ Silencer & Foregrip

(3) Quickdraw (Vepr's ADS is inbetween SMG and AR so this is a must to win those gunfights)
(2) Dead Silence (Sound whoring is a big deal Ghosts, don't give the enemy the chance for them to hear you)
(2) Amplify (Knowing where your enemies are coming from is a huge advantage)
(2) Focus (Flinch is huge in Ghosts, need to stay on target)
(2) Sleight of Hand (Gun fires quickly so reloads are often)


(4) Off the Grid (A good streak being ruined because of a Sat Com? Nah)
(7) Scavenger (Gun goes through ammo quickly so 7 kills in is a good fit for getting more. Can switch places with SOH if you spray ammo alot)
(10) Hardline (Why get 24 kills and die 1 off a KEM when you can get a KEM at 24 with Hardline?)

Specialist Bonus (11 kills)

(1) Ready Up (Quicker you bring up your weapon the quicker you kill your enemies)
(2) Ping (Killing an enemy will show any enemies nearby that don't have Off The Grid, really good for knowing where others are )
(5) Deadeye (Works extremely well with the Vepr. After 4 kills in a row half of your bullets get a 40% increase in damage. In most cases it will take you 1 or 2 less bullets to kill people with. Best perk in the game by a mile)
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Forum » Call Of Duty » COD Advance Warfare
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