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Exclusive: Ibrox Leak?
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24th Apr 2013

The Rangers Standard believes that Imran Ahmad, the Rangers Commercial Director and close associate of Charles Green has access to an account on the Rangers Media forum which has posted sensitive information on the club and the issues currently surrounding it. Ahmad is believed to have had access to two logins for the site, the current one being IamRangers. The username has posts on topics from Charles Green’s issues with the board to possible share purchases and views on Ally McCoist and Walter Smith.

IamRangers made his thoughts on Walter Smith and Ally McCoist clear when he posted about how they “are trying to take control of the club”. The poster claims that Green and Ahmad have the ability to call an EGM and sack the entire board if things do not go their way. The poster also claims that once the Craig Whyte claims have been dealt with, Charles Green will return as Chairman.

The poster states several times that Whyte has forged the documents relating to his appointment as a director of Sevco 5088.

The poster also attempts to provide an explanation for the money sent to Ahmad’s mother’s account by Whyte or his associates.

IamRangers believes that Malcolm Murray has been actively attempting to remove Charles Green from the club and in a thread he starts himself titled “Malcolm Murray going to try to fire CG this morning” he talks of how fans should turn up at Auchenhowie to support Green while a crucial board meeting is taking place.

The poster alludes to the fact that he doesn’t believe Malcolm Murray to be “chairman material”.

The account also deals with question marks about Ahmad’s own position at the club by stating that, although 4 directors on the board want him to leave, he “won’t throw in the towel” and that he “directly or indirectly controls circa 40-50% of the company”.

In possibly the most sensitive posts he also deals with the question of what will happen to Green’s shares. On the 13th April he adds to a thread on conjecture about Jim McColl being interested in purchasing them.

He then follows this up with posts over the last few days stating that the Easdale brothers are interested in purchasing Green’s shares along with the shares of several other members of the original consortium who bought the club.

Finally, he accuses Malcolm Murray and Walter Smith of “running Rangers into the ground” due to what he claims is their refusal to cut costs on the football side of the business.

The Rangers Standard also believes that a previous login for the site was identified by a Celtic fans forum as being closely connected to the boardroom and that posts then began appearing under a different login.

Some of the claims about Whyte may provide some relief for Rangers fans if they choose to believe that what they contain is accurate. However, there will be concerns that a key employee of the club may be leaking information on the internet and discussing the possible future sale of shares in the club. Is this the way we should be conducting our business?

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