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Fan Engagement Phase 1 Results‏
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6th Apr 2014

Dear Peter,

The Club would like to thank you for taking part in the initial step in the Ready To Listen campaign. The results of the fan engagement survey which was launched in February have now been analysed, evaluated and reviewed.

An overwhelming 35,265 of our core support took part in the first step of the fan engagement programme which will help shape the future direction of the Club.

Participants in the Fan engagement survey included:

• 50% of adult season ticket holders

• 83% were matchday attendees

• 5% from existing supporter groups

• 10% from overseas

With 84% of supporters seeking a review of how the Club engages with fans and 68% feeling the supporters do not have a loud enough voice it is clear that the need for enhanced engagement with the Club needs to be a priority.

One of the key findings and recommendations from the survey is the development of a fan representation board voted for by supporters and representing the interests of all fans including season ticket holders, overseas fans shareholders and families.

Indeed, 84% of the fanbase supported the progression of this concept and this is an area we now need to explore further with the wider Rangers support.

Fans were also asked for their thoughts on the potential for a membership scheme and 80% were in favour of developing such an initiative. We have listened to the response from fans and are now working on the development of Rangers membership with further fan input for launch over the summer and in advance of the 14/15 season.

Supporters identified the top five best performing areas of the business as:

• Community/Charity Work

• Club Social Media

• Club website

• Safe Matchday Environment

• Hospitality

The five most important aspects of the Club according to fans are:

• On-pitch performance

• Youth Development programme

• Overall direction and management of the Business

• Fan Engagement

• Matchday Experience

The five most important statements relating to the Club from the list identified are:

• Proud of its rich history and tradition

• Open and effective relationship with its supporters

• Continually strives for sporting success

• Youth development is key to on-pitch success

• High standards of integrity and professionalism

The most important issues for fans right now are a need for Honesty, Integrity and Transparency going forward, this was made clear in the majority of surveys completed. However, this is not surprising given events at the Club in recent years and the Board is ready to act on that feedback.

Graham Wallace commented: “The Club wants to be open about the key issues highlighted in the Ready to Listen fan engagement survey and realises areas of concern like trust, transparency and honesty will not be improved overnight. We understand that trust must be earned and certainly appreciate supporters have had a difficult few years.

“There are undoubtedly areas we can improve on and it is clear fans value a greater voice and involvement with the Club. We are listening to these views and will act accordingly. The Club values the feedback received as it will help us shape and ensure a sustainable future for Rangers.

“We said at the outset that we wanted to engage with the 44,000 core supporters who attend matches regularly and we were therefore delighted that over 50% of adult season ticket holders took part and 83% of respondents attend games.

“We believe that with the Club and fans working together we can impact positively on Rangers future performance and will now move forward into a more detailed phase in a number of areas that were identified.”

Please click here for an infographic of these results.


More than half of the survey participants advised that they would be keen to participate further in future supporter engagement initiatives to help shape the programme. Supporters were asked if they would be willing to engage with the Club to aid the development of certain areas within the business and the response was again overwhelming. Volunteers for each area are as follows:

• Ticketing; 6,567

• Matchday Experience; 7,876

• Hospitality; 3,132

• Catering; 4,477

• Retail/Merchandise; 6,088

• Fan Engagement; 12,289

• Club Media; 6,589

• Customer Service; 5,409

• Membership; 8,723

This next phase of follow-up research will help to define and create a formal fan engagement programme driven by the fans with the support of the Club via a specific fan engagement survey which will be issued next week.

Specific communications on other areas of importance to the fans, including those listed above, will also start to be issued from next week and over the coming weeks. Thereafter, more focused face-to-face meetings with fans will be held to engage them on their opinions and insights across these areas with a view to having key initiatives and developments in place for the start of Season 14/15.
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