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Green wants stars to stay
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Joined: 13th Mar 2012
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19th May 2012

CHARLES GREEN plans showdown talks with the Rangers squad to convince them to rip up their get-out clauses and snatch back the title from Celtic.
Consortium leader Green spoke yesterday about the transfer embargo that threatens to damage his group’s takeover plans.

In return for negotiating a wage reduction in February, key Ibrox players were given a new clause in their contracts allowing them to quit the club from June 1 for bargain fees.

But with a 12-month SFA transfer ban set to stand, Green knows that for Rangers to remain competitive they must keep the existing squad together.

As a matter of urgency, Green will now sit down with boss Ally McCoist and star men such as Allan McGregor, Stevie Naismith and Steven Davis and try to convince them the future can be bright at Ibrox.

Green said: “What I would expect, notwithstanding those agreements are in place, is that these players will have the opportunity to sit down with myself and the manager so that we could explain what the plans are for the club and what we plan to do over the next two or three years.
Alistair has done a fantastic job this season with a 10-point deduction
Charles Green

“Alistair has done a fantastic job this season with a 10-point deduction.

“To my mind if we can’t sign anyone but we can keep the existing players, why wouldn’t we win the league?

“So we need the chance to speak with the players.

“Of course the big problem in all of this is the agents. I think the players respect Ally, they love the club and they have enjoyed playing here.

“I had the fortune – or misfortune as the case may be – of floating the biggest soccer agency in the world a few years ago so I understand the market and I understand the pressure that is put on players by their agents and it is difficult.


“However it is a challenge we will have to face.

“We are backing Ally and he knows that. I have had a number of meetings with him now and he understands where we are coming from and he is very happy, in my view, with what he has seen and heard.

“It’s about building up trust, whether it is the fan on the street or the manager of the club, everyone is suspicious of anyone who comes through the doors at Ibrox and I would be exactly the same.”

Green revealed he had a bet with gaffer McCoist on the outcome of the appeal to the SFA on the transfer ban – and he plans on framing the pound coin he won!

But he insists it won’t be the last cash deal done this summer with investors ready to come into his consortium – already 20-strong – and pledge more cash.

Two of the main investors were revealed yesterday as Indonesian businessman Jude Allen and Middle Eastern lawyer Mazen Houssami.

Green insists there are other coming forward all the time.

He added: “They want to invest in the football club for the right reasons and the other problem is that we have got an extensive list of interested parties and that list is growing daily.

“Since the announcement was made we have had a number of people who were not in my original contact list and some of those are local people that we are speaking to.

“We had visitors today at the club and we had visitors yesterday, all of whom are interested in becoming investors.

“That’s great news for me because first of all it shows there is a belief that this club can be rescued. Unfortunately for us we don’t know if the CVA will go through.

“We don’t know if we can get the transfer embargo overturned and these two things do have a material impact on budget. So we’ve approached this with complete flexibility and we have approached it on the basis that this not a one-year or two-year deal, this is a five-to-10 year plan.

“We are here for the long haul. It’s a long-term plan. It’s not a quick in and out experience.

“If you wanted to turn a fast buck then there would be easier ways to do it than invest in Rangers.”

Green met with Rangers fans on Thursday night and backed down on a plan to increase ticket prices when he heard the arguments of the punters.
Joined: 1st Mar 2012
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19th May 2012

hopefully they all stay because they love the club
Joined: 23rd Mar 2012
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19th May 2012

business is business it seems now hopefully but tbh i think rangers should give our youth a place to prove themselves after all thats when your most hungry and want to win my view

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Last Edit: 19th May 2012 by tennek72
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