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mather appointed as interm ceo of rangers
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24th Apr 2013

RANGERS Football Club has today confirmed the appointment of Craig Mather as Chief Operating Officer and Interim Chief Executive with immediate effect.

Mr Mather, 42, becomes a Director of the Club’s Football Board and an Interim Director of the PLC Board.

Rangers Chairman Malcolm Murray said: “We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Craig Mather as Chief Operating Officer of Rangers. He will also be acting Chief Executive which will allow us some time to examine the credentials of candidates for this position on a permanent basis.

“Craig’s appointment as Chief Operating Officer will allow the company and the Club to keep moving forward.

“Craig has invested £1m of his own money in the Club and is committed to playing an active part in delivering future success for Rangers.

“The Board has approved his appointment and look forward to him pushing us in the correct direction. Craig will lead the business on a day to day basis but I want to make it clear we are in a healthy position financially following the successful flotation of the company in December last year. I would also like to assure all of the supporters that this money is being used for the benefit of the Club and nothing or no one else.

“The Board has also instructed the law firm Pinsent Masons to conduct the investigation into alleged links between Craig Whyte and former and current personnel at the Club. This process will be completed as swiftly as possible and no-one should jump to conclusions regarding the outcome.

“The fans deserve to be reassured on clarity, transparency, asset ownership and this is the main purpose of the enquiry.

“The last week or so has been turbulent for the Club but we should bear in mind that the process of rebuilding is well underway.

“Now is the time to move forward and the most important thing for all Rangers fans, myself included, is ensuring our Club can play as constructive a part in Scottish football as possible.”

Craig Mather said: “I am delighted to take on the role of Chief Operating Officer of Rangers Football Club and also Interim Chief Executive.

“This is one of the world’s great football clubs with a long and proud history and I had no hesitation in investing personally in Rangers. My own business background is in sport and particularly in youth development, something that will be fundamental to the success of this Club.

“However, I think the initial priority for the Club is to get clarity on what the future holds for reconstruction and I hope to meet with the football authorities as soon as possible.

“Rangers have an important role to play in Scottish football and I think it would be beneficial for this club and football in general for me, with other representatives of Rangers, to talk openly and constructively to people in the game and I look forward to doing that.

“I will also be speaking to Ally McCoist and his team about their plans for next season and I look forward to working with them closely going forward.

“Rangers fans have been outstanding in their support for the Club during the most difficult of times and I know they don’t know me and may have some doubts. I hope to dispel all of those if that is the case.

“I know there have been rumours about who is supposed to be connected with whom but I prefer to distance myself from all of that. I know what my own hard work has achieved over the years and where it has taken me and I will use of all of my experience and knowledge to help improve Rangers.

“I could not stand here and tell you I have always been a Rangers fan but I can say, with profound honesty, that I have been around football all my life and I have known of Rangers and their huge successes for many years. But then who hasn’t?

“I am well aware of what this Club means to so many people. I have been working at Rangers for the last year or so and the commitment and passion from the supporters never ceases to amaze me.

“They deserve so much better than they’ve been getting of late. My job will be to make sure the work is put in to make them even prouder to be Rangers fans.

“It is incumbent on everyone working for Rangers that we make sure the Club is in the best possible shape for next season and to create the platform on which fans can enthusiastically support the team.

“I look forward to starting work immediately and would like to make it clear the Chief Executive's job is a position I would like to take on permanently.”

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Forum » Rangers » Rangers
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