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sporting merit, the new sporting integrity
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10th Jan 2013

sporting merit, the new sporting integrity

So we have said goodbye to the year 2012.

A year where everyone lined up to kick Rangers Football Club whilst they were at their lowest ebb after being taken to the brink of oblivion by a man who passed an SFA fit and proper persons test.

They all lined up for a kick whilst we were down; the SFA, the SPL, football “fans” up and down the county, anonymous internet bloggers, journalists… You name them, they lined up to book the boot into OUR club.

So what did we do?

We accepted our punishment and went to play in SFL3. We filled stadium after stadium lining the pockets of the same chairman who voted to put us into this tin pot league. We welcomed our guests to Ibrox and have been ambassadors for fair play both on and off the pitch trying to win friends and help the game in this country as we progress through the leagues.

And how are we rewarded?


The SPL/SFA/SFL proposal for a 12-12-18 set up in Scottish football is one that punishes Rangers football club and its fans. Let nobody fool you into believing otherwise.

.As Charles Green says, what other league in the world can you win promotion and then play the same teams again the next year?

The answer is the Scottish Football League circa 2012… The answer isn’t the Scottish Football League circa 1994!

Yes – today for the first time in the public domain I will reveal the evidence that I have already passed to the powers that be at Ibrox.

The corrupt forces of the SPL/SFA/SFL are now pushing through a 12-12-18 proposal and are saying that the leagues will be made up of the finishing positions of clubs this season based on sporting merit

.There are currently 42 clubs in Scottish football split over a league format of 12, 10, 10, 10

.They claim that if Rangers are promoted in first place they would be elevated to second bottom of SFL3 and therefore still within the bottom 18 clubs in the country which would see them continuing to play in the bottom tier of Scottish football next season.

Fair enough and something I could accept if this was the norm but it isn’t. Rangers will in fact become the first club in Scottish football to be DENIED their right to promotion.

Back in 1993/94 Scottish football had a league set up of 12, 12, 14 supporting 38 clubs.The following season 1994/95 Scottish football changed to a 10, 10, 10, 10 format

.The winners of SFL2 in 1993/94 were Stranraer. With league reconstruction they would have went in on this so-called “sporting merit” position of bottom of the second tie – ie, position 24 in the Scottish football ladder.

With two leagues of 10 you would therefore assume that Stranraer would take their place in the third tier?They never.

As winners of the third tier they were quite rightly put up a division into the second tier… So much for ‘sporting merit’.
So with ‘sporting merit’ becoming 2013’s ‘sporting integrity’ what does this previous precedent mean for Rangers?

As a shareholder I have passed the information onto the club and it is my understanding that Charles Green will fight this all the way.All the way to The Court of Arbitration of Sport in Switzerland no less should the governing bodies of Scottish football fail to see sense.

It is also my understanding that having previously set this precedent of allowing Stranraer promotion in 1994 Rangers would win any appeal to the CAS.The end result of this will be that even if the powers at be in Scottish football (Lawwell, Petrie) push through this outlandish idea then Rangers will be playing in the second tier, rather than the bottom tier, of Scottish football next season
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Forum » Rangers » Rangers
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