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Xbox clan
MAZZIERFC 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 6th May 2013
Alright guys, i recently had a chat with a couple of the guys about the Xbox side of the clan. We're looking at ways to:• Increase the number of clan members
• Improve weekly clan op turnouts from current members
• Start participating in daily clan ops
• Creating a Xbox version of game of the week

For increasing the number of members we would like to encourage current members to raise as much awareness of the clan as possible. If you know anyone who may be interested in joining the clan please direct them to the clan website or put them in touch with myself (WATP MAZZIE RFC) or lead Xbox member (Lexocs) Through Xbox live on your console.
Also if you are online and you do see anyone with gamer tags or clan tags which are rangers orientated please send them a message to find out if they would be interested in joining and again direct them to Lexocs or myself. Dont forget thought to tell them about the clan website/youtube and twitter pages though! Also I've created a emblem to be used as an add for the the clan, it simply shows that we are actively looking for members. We would be grateful if you could copy this from me and use it as your emblem for a while.

For weekly clan ops we need as many current members as possible to attend these if they can. Especially if you are online, please play the op rather than another game mode. This seems a pretty common downfall for us. We will however make clan members aware that we may look at reviewing there place in the clan of they go long periods of time without any real contribution to ops.

Daily ops everyone is guilty of not taking part, I don't think we have done one since the ops began at the end of the year. In contrast though its very popular on the ps3 It would be good if collectively we could make an effort to score well in these.
If you are unsure of what the ops are on each day or what time they are at you can find all information on these each day here on the clan page. If your online for these please try and get a party going with anyone else who is online.

Lastly after successfully having game of the week on ps3 for the last month we will now be having a weekly one for Xbox too! So if you have a game which you think is good enough please get in touch with any of the administrators on the site and we will see about showing off your skills on the clan website/YouTube and twitter pages! Don't forget though if you have a small clip of you owning just let us know and we can get it uploaded to the YouTube page anytime!

11th May 2013 WATP DOUGIE RFC
Well sed Mazzie :)
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6th May 2013 MAZZIERFC
Here's a list of all current xbox members if you havent got all these guys in your friends list, it's time to get adding! Please remove any dots from gamer tags though. B16 G. BonkersAndy87. CalanClarke x. Craggazoid. dbltap87. FibrousWinter. FollowFollow44. Hidde26. iTZ SCULLION X. JaffyCakes. kim da areia. ksk1984. lexocs. WATP MAZZIE RFC. Mark de vil 82. Messiyermaw. Oily 17. oX Matthew Xo. RFC1981Craig. RP sK i L Lz Z. SCOTS DOUGIE. Sq ReactionZ. stubo30. The Borth. Tulsa Doom42. v i Rangers FC. W4lker74. WATP WGM. WATPRangersfc. wee mitcho. Wee Scott 1999. weetrueblue51. x iMillsy. x K 3 N N Y Y. xXePhOsXx. XXGAZZA4101XX. ZOMBI3 SLAY3R.
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